Bucker Jungmann

New Jungmann was born - 29/04/2014


A new Jungmann finished in this year was tested in flights on 29/04/2014 at EPRZ.

All tests on the ground and aerobatic Jungmann passed very well. We want to say many thanks to our test pilot Mariusz Stajewski.

New owner of PA201 was present during test flights and was very happy and so excited. At the moment plane is based in Sylt in Germany.

For more pictures please visit Jungmann gallery.


Bucker T-131 Jungmann  - For Sale



Built in 2013, this beautiful ready to fly Jungmann is for sale. Registered in Poland. Finished to a very high standard with exclusive leather interior and cockpit. Covered with Ceconite and painted in the Olympische Spiele 1936 colour scheme.

This classic plane has flown approx 10 hours, with a brand new LOM M332 AK engine and wooden fixed pitch propeller.

We at Air Res can build you a new Bucker with your suggested equipment, avionics and in your choice of finish.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact 


jungmann@air-res.pl or call: +48 607 582 861